I'm going to buy a new home ...now what?

Deciding to buy is the first of a multitude of decisions you will face when purchasing a new home. Organizing your search, from the day of that initial decision to the day you ultimately move in, can be a daunting task.


Whether or not your are overwhelmed by the prospect of searching for and buying a new home, I can help organize the process and guide you through step by step.


The following are some of the key steps one must typically take along the way.

  1. clarify the reason for purchasing (such as you want to stop renting, are relocating to a new community, want a larger or smaller home, or for investment purposes)

  2. obtain a loan pre-approval (understand what you can afford) and determine your target price range

  3. clarify what your new home "must have" and what you "would like it to have"

  4. determine where you would like to focus your search

  5. choose a REALTOR® you are comfortable with

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